Mail de Harvey Dent

Hoy recibí un mail de parte de Harvey Dent.



Cross-Country Tour of Campaign Bus Continues As Thousands of Dent Supporters March, Rally For The One Man Who Can Save Gotham!

Check the updated schedule at to see if a Dentmobile is coming to your neighborhood.

Dent’s challenge to Gotham to show their desire for change has been met with a city-wide explosion of activism, with thousands of supporters organizing rallies, meet-ups, petition drives, and posting signs and placards in every neighborhood. Check out some of the best photos and videos at

Dent is expected to make his decision whether to run for Gotham District Attorney within weeks and your support does make a difference!

Special Alert

For those of you who can get down to Rockefeller Center tomorrow morning between 6 and 9 am, there’s a very good chance your friends might be able to see you on a certain morning television show.

Spread the word. Make an impression! Let’s get creative in demonstrating our support!

Take Back Gotham!

Si alguien anda estos días por New York, no duden en buscar el DENTMOBILE.