Cint Eastwood habla sobre la guerra

Cint EastwoodEn esta entrevista que le hacen al buen Clint, a propósito del estreno de su cinta Flags of Our Fathers, el director opina respecto a un supuesta relación existente entre la Segunda Guerra Mundial y las guerras que se viven por estos años, Oriente vs Occidente, para resumirlo. Eastwood niega cualquier paralelismo, afirmando que estas guerras representan dos ideologías completamente diferentes:

World War 2 was a different time in history, of course. When the war was brought to us in Pearl Harbor, it became a reality that if we didn't fight this one out, we might be speaking another language today, so it was sort of simple. Most of the young men and women who went to war were about 19 years old. You figured they were probably all born in the late 20s early 30s, and they were over there, but they all had the spirit. So it was important to tell this story for that reason, as it told of a time in our history when there was a lot of spirit.